Commercial Toolbox In General

Commercial Toolbox has been rewritten by MyDesktop specifically for Commercial Businesses.  It has changed some of the terminology and removed elements that were core to their Residential System.

  • Buy/Rent requirements are now Buy/Lease requirements
  • Removal of Bed, Bath and Garage
  • Removal of House, Unit, Townhouse property types
  • Commercial Specific requests for change that could not be put in the residential platform.


Ray White Commercial Toolbox

While Commercial is an arm of the greater Ray White Group, several parts of our integration components are still relevant to our group.

  • One System login – Login with @raywhite.com username and password
  • Ray White Templates – New and Updated
  • Customer Monitor Integration (NPS)
  • Monthly Reporting Features
  • Future Integration components that will become available in the future ( Ray White Dashboards)

What are the Main Differences in Commercial Toolbox?

  • Deals Module
  • Parent/Child Listings – also known as Opportunites
  • Updated Templates
  • New Templates
  • MyGuide for Commercial